Hospice Care

The word “hospice” comes from the Latin “hospitium” meaning guesthouse. It was originally described a place of shelter for weary and sick travelers returning from religious pilgrimages.This program is designed to provide care and comfort without using heroic lifesaving measures. We contract with local hospice organizations who provide palliative services and counseling for the resident and family.

Depending on the nature of the situation caregivers try to control the pain and other symptoms that the person is facing so that they can enjoy their time as much as possible. Caregivers also provide support and counseling for family members so that they too understand how to best handle a given situation.

Daybreak Venture offers short-term care says as short as three days or as long as a month or more. During your loved one’s stay with us, he/she will enjoy meeting new people and participating in a variety of activities, while you have the peace of mind that he/she is receiving the daily care needed.